Supporting Faculty & Staff

The below list is all encompassing of those who signed onto our initial proposal, and/or who have been instrumental in our small and large victories: 

Catherine Bolten (Kroc Institute/Department of Anthropology), Daniel Miller (Keough School), Paul Ocobock (History), Emmanuel Katongole (Theology/Keough School), Yenupini Adams (Keough School), Paul Friesen (Political Science), Elizabeth Archie (Biology), Festus Amadu (Keough School), Marcus Haworth (Theology), Neil Lobo (Biology), Cristian Koepfli (Biological Sciences), Rachel Sweet (Keough School), Patrizio Piraino (Keough School), John Onyango (Architecture), Bernard Nahlen (Eck Institute), Ken Amadi (Theology), Rashied Omar (Kroc Institute/Keough School), Fr. Paul Kollman (Theology), Ebrahim Moosa (History/Kroc Institute/Keough School), Taryn Dinkelman (Economics), Rasheed Ibrahim (Political Science), Erin McDonnell (Sociology), Ivoline Budji Kefen (Anthropology), Tom Purekal (Pulte Institute), Sarah Pollnow (History), Laurie Nathan (Kroc Institute/Keough), Fr. Paulinus Odozor (Theology/Africana), Kevin Fink (Pulte Institute), and Marya Leiberman (Biological Sciences).