It would be remiss not to mention that the Pamoja Initiative would not be what it is today without the dedication of numerous faculty and staff, across the world and across disciplines. Please click "Supporting Faculty & Staff" for a full list. The following faculty, staff, and students listed below serve the Pamoja Initiative and its goals in a larger capacity as Steering Committee members and Student Delegates. 

  1. Ellis Adams

    Ellis Adams

    Pamoja Faculty Co-chair

  2. Jaimie Bleck

    Jaimie Bleck

    Pamoja Faculty Co-chair

  3. Danice Brown Guzman

    Danice Guzman

    Program Manager

  4. Bupe

    Bupe Kabaghe

    African Student Association Liaison

  5. Aimee Lyons

    Aimee Lyons

    Program Manager

  6. Kevin Mann

    Kevin Mann

    Pulte Content Manager & Policy Impact Specialist

  7. Morgan Tene Cc
  8. Jackline Oluoch Aridi

    Jackline Oluoch-Aridi

    Pamoja Partnerships Co-chair

  9. Debora Rogo Headshot

    Debora Rogo

    Africa Graduate Club Liaison

  10. Samuel Rund

    Samuel Rund

    Pamoja Partnerships Co-chair

  11. Headshot